Monday, May 4, 2009

Ballerinas and BOM's

I took my little princess ballerina granddaughter to her dance class Saturday. It was kind of a costume fitting, directive on the up coming dress rehearsals and recital, and a run through of the routine for the first time with all of their costume accessories. The routine lasts about under 2 minutes, but the prep, the cost, the gas, etc. - Wow! But it is all worth it and she is so darn cute! The recital is in June and will be at Chrysler Hall in downtown Norfolk. It is quite a production and very professional. Both of my daughters took dance when they were young from the same studio, Golden Slippers. I can't wait for the big night!

I did manage to cut out more of my Civil War Crossings quilt. And finished up a BOM from the Aunt Pitty Pat quilt (bom from What's Your Stitch & Stuff Shop). It is a Civil War reproduction sampler quilt. Kind of a mystery quilt since we don't know what the final thing will look like. It is a lecture class, then you go home and sew the block.

Sunday I picked up a baby quilt I made for Princess from the quilter. This is the first top I have ever had quilted and I am sooo excited. Now for the binding - never done that before either. I am going to work on that tonight. I am skipping WW again and going directly home from work.

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