Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Triplets Not Allowed

This post is not the least bit quilty. This post is major venting. My 5 year old grandchildren are triplets. They have attended an Episcopal Day School for three years. The school only has 1 kindergarten class which they would have attended next year. My daughter, a single Mom for the last 3 years, has to work, and therefore the children have to be in all day care. The church is inviting them NOT to return next year because there is only 1 Kindergarten class. Their philosophy is that multiples should not be together in a classroom. This year they separated them - 2 in one class, 1 in another, but never made an adamant statement about multiples. I am hurt, stunned, insulted, and I don't even know what else, that they have been demonized and rejected by these people. I know that the whole multiple issue is debated as far as separating or not in school settings. However, these children are not dependent on each other to function in a social setting. I can not sufficiently express my feelings about this - I feel that somehow this school has betrayed (maybe too strong a word) these little people.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Actually, my MIL, who lives with us, won this gas grill from Home Depot. She entered a drawing back in February, which she never thought about again. They called her last week to tell her she won - no strings attached. I sure never won anything - this is great! Now, how will hubby get it off the back of his pickup?
I started cutting out this quilt. It is a kit, Civil War Crossings by Barbara Brackman, made with fabric by the same name. I picked this up at my local quilt shop. I am a sucker for pink and brown quilts. The pattern is in "Quilters Newsletter", November 2008 magazine. I guess I really love this fabric, cause I also bought 1/2 yds of a lot of this line as well. (I can't figure out how to post pictures before and after my text, so my composition is not great, Sorry)

Monday, April 13, 2009





Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kids With Cameras

My 10 year old grandson got a digital camera for his birthday last month. I think that is great. But, now I think I know how some movie stars must feel. You don't want to be caught au natural now do you. He spent the nite and I found myself slathering on the makeup and ironing my clothes this morning just to hang out today! We are negotiating the price for him to delete the pic he took last nite - lol. It is just too exhausting to be perfect 24/7!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Out of My Funk

Here is the scene of the crime. Everyday after work I come home and flop in this chair. Just do not want to move. But I am not a total zombie - that pile of pink is a wool jacket I'm disassembling to felt. And I cross stitch. But I just haven't wanted to get up and sew. But, 2 Cadbury eggs, a bag of Hershey's coconut kisses, and some divinity later, I think I'm over the funk. I will have to answer to my Weight Watchers leader though - lol. I have my little gardener/helpers today and we planted flower seeds. They loved it! Now they just have to learn some patience to see those little sprouts!