Monday, June 16, 2008

Sweets for My Sweetie

Finished this tonight. My husband is a"Stooges" fan (I don't get it,do you?). Well, he likes them and when I saw this fabric I had to make him a quilt. I got the squares pieced for his birthday - in November! Finally, I now have the borders on and it is ready to be quilted.

Father's day was fun with all the family. Got my sweetie tickets to the upcoming BB King concert - another of his favorite things - the blues. Wasn't this just his weekend!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Heat Wave!!

The inside of the car is 121 degrees right now. That is Insane!! Yesterday, went to the local quilt shop - last day of their birthday celebration. Picked up some backing for a couple of quilts and some border fabric for another one. And of course a couple of new patterns and some FQs. Very productive trip. Now to finish those quilts!! Try to keep cool - make sure your pets have plenty of water.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Completed One

Ta-da! Finished piecing this last night. This a Patchalot pattern which I love. I chose the toile to use for the backing, but when I started to think about piecing it, I realized the print would be going horizontal and I don't think I can live with that. I have to say I only have 2 - 44x44 backing pieces. The finished quilt is 50x50. Am I thinking correctly? I'll just have to hit the local quilt shop and find another fabric :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Life 1 / Quilting 0

Yesterday, at noonish, #2 grandson fell off the monkey bars at school. Broke his arm above the elbow and his wrist. Had to have surgery - 3 pins in the elbow area. It is his left arm, the one he writes with, of course. At least school is almost over for the year. This chicky got home about midnite. Then, this AM got the Triplets and #1 GS up and to school. Did a Mac truck run over me? I could swear... This is why people should have kids when they are young!! New campaign - ban monkey bars from schools. Childrens Hospital says they see many, many injuries like this.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


O.K. I can't stop thinking about quilting. Surfing the sites, reading the blogs, shopping for fabric, patterns, books. Collecting fabric, books, patterns, thread, buttons. But where are the quilts? In my head mostly. I am going to make this and that and that and that. When? Well, since I've been lurking around the blogs I have become inspired. I will make the time to sew. I will, I will!
I think some of the quilters out there are real superwomen. You all will keep me inspired. Thank you!!