Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Goody

Look what my BFF gave me! She found it at Cracker Barrel - 50% off. She said I was the only person she knows that would appreciate it's ugly cuteness! I think it is very folk arty(even if it is made in China!)

Well today was my one week"weigh-in" at Weight Watchers. I joined AGAIN. At the moment I am really determined, even to the point of walking on the treadmill every, well almost every night! I did lose 2 pounds, so I am on a roll!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Walmart Birthday Cake

Last night we celebrated #2 Daughter's boyfriend's birthday. On Thursday I called the Wal Mart bakery and ordered an ice cream cake with Happy Birthday Frank on it - to be picked up Friday at 12:30. Got there at 1ish, no cake, no clue, and "they are out to lunch" (I'll say). OK, I placed another order(which took a good 15 minutes to write up) and my DD2 said she would pick it up Saturday on the way to my house. In large letters the order said ICE CREAM CAKE with buttercream icing. We got a yellow cake with buttercream icing, no ice cream to be seen, and it said Happy Birthday - that's it, no Frank on there anywhere! Is it me or is good service getting harder to find. Doesn't a job well done count for anything any more? I find it very exhausting dealing with this kind of issue - do I let it go or complain to Management - what good will it do?


I just read Cricketwood Prims and Gardens and she has pictures of her brand new triplet grandsons. It is such a miracle whenever a baby is born - multiples - more miracles. I am prompted to post a picture of "my" triplets, my grandchildren. This was their 4th birthday and I am so proud of them, their two older brothers, and especially my DD1, their mother. It is amazing to find your heart can expand in order to hold the love each one evokes. Kudos to all of us grandmothers!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Little Steps Add Up

I put off writing anything because I feel like I need to include pictures. Then it occured to me I don't have to post pxs just to write. Last night I kept my granddaughter. By the time I got off work, picked her up, fixed dinner, bathed her, layed down with her so she would go to sleep, guess what - it was time for bed! lol I did get a couple of strips of my "Chexx Mix" quilt sub cut and that was all. I must try to see the world from a half full instead of half empty perspective. I know I do that, I always see what I haven't done and give myself no credit for what I have accomplished. I DID work all day, right. And, I nurtured a little person whom I love dearly. Every little step adds up. O.K., good job Deb!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Saved By the Warranty!

The fridge repair could have been covered under warranty if the problem was in the "sealed area" - compressor, etc. But it turned out to be a power board that GE fridges are having a problem with, so the cost was minimal. That is a good thing and now my milk has a home again! I'm so Happy!!