Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quilt Show

I'm really excited. Tomorrow is the beginning of the MidAtlantic Quilt Show and I am going! Actually gonna take a day off from work and I can't wait.
Then on Friday me and Hubs are off to Hatteras. It is our anniversary weekend. We don't actually get an anniversary this year 'cause we married on Leap Year Feb. 29th!! So we just have to celebrate all weekend. 29 years - where did it all go? We are buying 29 lottery tickets to celebrate - see what happens.
Hopefully, I'll take some good pxs of the quilt show and try to post them. Happy Days.


andsewon said...

Shoot! I can't go till Sunday. The gals can't get off work and one traveling in from Richmond can't come till late Sat evening.
Could have had a meet up!! I bet Thur was crowded was last year! Local paper says expecting 10000.
Have a good time!!! Take your pic in ft of Best in Show. That is what some of us bloggy pals are doing we will look like we all went together. Ha!!
Congrat on your 29 yrs!!
Enjoy the NC trip too.
Oh my loads of chances to win big!!!!

Anonymous said...

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