Sunday, October 19, 2008

Walmart Birthday Cake

Last night we celebrated #2 Daughter's boyfriend's birthday. On Thursday I called the Wal Mart bakery and ordered an ice cream cake with Happy Birthday Frank on it - to be picked up Friday at 12:30. Got there at 1ish, no cake, no clue, and "they are out to lunch" (I'll say). OK, I placed another order(which took a good 15 minutes to write up) and my DD2 said she would pick it up Saturday on the way to my house. In large letters the order said ICE CREAM CAKE with buttercream icing. We got a yellow cake with buttercream icing, no ice cream to be seen, and it said Happy Birthday - that's it, no Frank on there anywhere! Is it me or is good service getting harder to find. Doesn't a job well done count for anything any more? I find it very exhausting dealing with this kind of issue - do I let it go or complain to Management - what good will it do?

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Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims and Gardens said...

Oh that is disappointing, you know I just love planning and doing something for like this for others. And if I had a bakery I would want to know I disappointed someone. It is hard to know in a large company like Walmart if it would help future service. You are so sweet for giving the effort. I am sure your DD boyfriend appreciated your efforts.
Fall Blessings....